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Donna - posted on 02/02/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi, my name is Donna from Sydey Australia. My son Samuel only just fits into this category, as he was born on March 30th 2007. He was due on the 25th, but as usual for me, like my other 3 children, he arrived late! Not too bad though compared to my other 2 sons born before him, who were 10 and 15 days overdue. My first born, my only daughter was 3 days late, but was an indused labour due to high blood pressure, so who knows how long she would have gone on for too? So 1 girl and 3 boys for me, and I wouldn't have it any other way at the moment. I have been truly blessed with 4 wonderful children, the older 3 really look after their little brother beautifuly, as they are quite a bit older than him. I had an 8 year gap after the 3rd child, not a planned gap, but definatley a planned baby. We tried for many years using the shettles method, trying to acheive another girl to even up the score. But in the end, I put my hands up to god and said, if it is your will for me to have no more children give me a sign, or if it is your will to send me another child, then I will blessed with whatever destiny has in store for me, and to please forgive me for trying to interfere with nature. Within 1 month, I was pregnant and the rest is history. My daughter was most upset at first when we found out in the ultrasound that she would have another brother, but after he was born ( she was at his birth and cut his cord) she soon realised that she was very special being the only daughter and at that point in time, the only granddaughter too. She managed to keep that title for 13 years, until she finally got a girl cousin. So in our family, boys outweigh the girls 7 to 2. I find that setting small goals each day helps to run a large household a lot smoother. I could never do everything in one day and stay sane, so just by saying ok, today I will be happy if I get the washing done and the bathroom cleaned I will be happy. Tomorrow it might be the shopping and mop the floors.I also deligate jobs to the kids to contribute to the family, and they are expected to keep their rooms tidy and put their own clean washing and ironing away. I emphasise the word 'expected', as it dosn't always automatically happen, they are kids after all!. I Hope to meet other mums out their with more than 3 children to hear how they handle things, and also anyone else interested in swapping stories of our precious children, funny ones or not!!! Take care and nice to meet you in advance!


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Hi. We have 5 kids, 10, 8, 2, 2, 2. Honestly, because of health needs we (the parents) have to work in shifts, and the older 2 have school 5 days a week during the school year, of the younger ones 2 have day care and one has a nurse 2-3 days a week (the weeks alternate). Some days it's just a matter of getting laundry done. Others it's the grocery store. We clean the kitchen after every meal, bills are done every 2 weeks, and we have a schedule board up to try and keep up with ordering medications and supplies and appointments as well as what days we have activities with each child (18 therapy sessions total for the 2 year olds per week) and which dates/times we have a nurse. Every evening is pretty wild. Baths are every other evening (Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday) for the kids. Bedtime is 8pm for the little ones, 9pm for the older ones, non-negotiable (except on weekends with the older ones). We have a pretty set routine with the kids and it helps.

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