unusual body odor :(

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My daughter gets a bath every other night. For the past month or so i have been noticing a body odor coming from her underarms. I scrub and scrub and scrub and it doesn't go away. We went to the doctor who gave us a prescription for Nystatin. We are currently on day 2 and it hasn't done anything yet (i know i have to wait a little longer for it to work, but hey i was hoping). Does anybody else have this problem. If the cream doesn't work, the Dr. wants to draw blood to rule out any other options. She just can't seem to stay healthy, we finally got her GERD under control but than she starting having UTI's and come to find out she has bladder reflux as well :( Anybody have any idea's??

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Kathy - posted on 10/05/2009




i am a nurse this doesn't sound normal . let the dr. drw the blood i know you don't want her stuck ,but if she is also having uti's the smell could be from renal isuues . i know adults smell with renal problems so ge the blood work . i hope it is nothing but i always err on the side of caution with babies . and don't forget your instinct you are her mother and if something isn't right you know.

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