anyone elses baby just decide to fall backward from sitting position ?

Aliza - posted on 02/13/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Ive been noticing latley when my daughter is sitting down in the living room playing, she will just fling herself back all of a sudden and smack her head really hard, and hurts herself . i will put a pillow behind her but sometimes or,i wont even think to because shes been sitting for months and she will just do it spreraticly. Also i know bumps and bruises are normal, but when she hits her head from doing that or now shes starting to pull herself onto things i get really freaked out that she is really going to hurt herself. anyone else have these problems?

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Denice - posted on 03/28/2011




hello there, my 12 month old does exactly the same thing when she cant get what she wants. i have a 2 yr old boy to and he also used to do this so im not as worried as what i was with him, from my experience its a vase they grow out of. hope my lil one stops along with ur lil one soon good luck.

Danielle - posted on 02/17/2011




My son just started doing this too! But for no reason. He will be sitting there playing and just thow himself backwards, wether he is on carpet or tile :( He doesn't cry though.

Amy - posted on 02/14/2011




My daughter will do this when she is having a fit or is told no, or when some thing does'nt go her way.

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