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Ashley - posted on 06/08/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son isn't eating quite what he should be eating. I've tried many things and as soon as it touches his tongue he gags and spits it out. Right now he's only eating cheeto puffs, dry cereal, chicken nuggets (only from mcdonalds), french fries, scrambled eggs, yogurt bites, cookies, poptarts, fruit. He'll eat pretty much anything sweet, but we're having alot of trouble with veggies and meats. I feel terrible because I know what he needs and he refuses it. Even if we are eating dinner and try to give him bites he will not take them. I think we've tried about everything, but I needed to ask... Is their anything else we can do to let him know it really doesn't taste as bad as he's letting on? I think it's the textures and not tastes because he will barely let it touch his tongue.


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My little guy is a junkfood junkie. we can't even think about chips with our meal until he gets something in his tummy (other than chips and crackers). so I know how you feel. They do say that it takes a good number of times of trying something before a kid will actually eat it. However, I always give my son what we are eating, and most of it ends up on the floor. However, I keep doing it. I know he's growing, and I figure as long as I can get some healthy food in him (fruit, yougert, some bread) eventually he will start to eat the rest. Oh, my son won't even touch any meat. let me know if you figure anything out! I am right there with you!

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