My son sleeps along time from night until morning....

Rachel - posted on 08/02/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son usually goes to sleep for the night around 10:30p-11:30p. He doesn't wake up until 11:00a & sometimes 12:00p the next day. He takes naps throughout the day so I know it's not like he's been awake all day & is totally whipped out. He very rarely wakes up in the middle of the night anymore either. Some say I should take it as a blessing & sleep in or catch up on the house work, & I do, but I'm kind of worried. I haven't known a baby to sleep like that.


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Taylor - posted on 08/02/2010




my daughter goes to sleep between 9:30&10:30p and will sleep from anywhere to 9a - 11a the next day and still takes naps during the day. it used to freak me out when she first started doing it, but she is healthy and happy so i kind of quit worrying about it and started taking advantage of it! haha

Kimberly - posted on 08/02/2010




My son sleeps that long sometimes, but starting at 730 pm till about 8 am the next morning. At this stage they don't need to eat in the night but do so more out of habit.

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