Some great finger foods!

Sherry - posted on 01/31/2011 ( 8 moms have responded )




My Daughter almost exclusively self feeds and has been for a while now, Born 3/2. She has acid reflux and prefers food to formula, so she does not take that much formula and has had a tough time gainig weight. Anyways, i found a few tricks and foods she really loves that she just goobles up. First, banana pancakes. I dip banana slices in pancake batter and then cook like a regular pancake. Fruit salad: variety of soft fruits cut up small, put in a bowl and add plain yougurt and baby rice and stir it up. Messy, but she loves it and even though i always think i made to much she always eats most of it. Avacado is great because it is soft, healthy and adds lots of calories. I also make silver dollar sized pancakes, or the banana pancakes and pour 1/2 cup of applesauce over them on her highchair tray. If anyone else has a little one who is underweight and has found some things to help them gain i would love to hear them!! There are a few more things you can do like adding peanut butter to toast also!


Sherry - posted on 02/03/2011




I had always heard you are not supposed to give them peanut butter too. I was REALLY surprised when our pediatrician (and she has been for 10 years, we have a ten year old who sees her, too, so we trust her) told me to give her peanut butter. I questioned her and said i thought she wasn't supposed to have that yet. Doc told me they USED to say that but now the pediatric assosiation has changed their minds and that they think it is actuallymore likely for them to get allergies from NOT having stuff early on! That is kind of a big switch, but i also have a paper from wic telling some tricks on how to add calories and giving peanut butter was on it, too. Doc said only thing not to give is honey before a year old since it can cause botulism.

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Becky - posted on 02/07/2011





Banana French Toast (for babies)
4 tbs apple juice
1/4 cup of formula or breastmilk
1/2 small pureed banana
2 slices of whole wheat bread
2 egg yolks

mix all ingredients together, dip bread in it, cook in medium/low heat over skillet until golden brown. Cut into bite size pieces... can be saved in fridge for 2-3 days, or in freezer for one month.

i make a big amount and save some in the freezer, and pre-cook and cut some and save in the fridge for meals the next day. he loves it and it's easy for him to chew on

Melissa - posted on 02/06/2011




Hey great tips! My son is underweight and his favorite is avocodo and sweet potato lightly pureed! He also love Butternut squash mac and chesse..( i buy a packaged one by sprout) it is about 260 calories for 5 ounces!! He also has 1/4 cup of cheese crumbles I leave out and have him munch on thoughout the day! I havent tried any of the messy dishes but think he is ready for it..he is starting to get over purees. So I will deff try all yours and everyone ealses tips! Thanks!

Angela - posted on 02/05/2011




Thank you for all these ideas! I make banana muffins all the time but never thought of making the mini ones...I'm going to make some tomorrow! Great idea!

Kayla - posted on 02/04/2011




rebecca my son likes the yogurt melts as well but when i looked at the ingredients i noticed the 2nd was sugar! i switched his puffs and melts to a brand called happy baby, all organic and no sugar the puffs even have kale and spinach in them. you can pick them up at a whole foods or nutrition smart i think they might sell them st some supermarkets too!

Rebecca - posted on 02/03/2011




Oh, I think this is my absolutely most fave post!!! I have been trying and trying to come up with good foods for my son, because he loathes the baby purees now, and I need to find good finger foods for him since he is a great self feeder. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!! My son also likes the Lil Crunchies, and Yogurt melts by Gerber...good snacky foods!

Renee - posted on 02/02/2011




I've always heard that you aren't supposed to give younger babies peanut butter because of allergy potentials. I gotta try the banana pancake idea.
BUT my daughter loves to eat blueberry & banana muffins. I make the mini muffins and break them into 1/4's. She also loves meatloaf, turkey roast, mac & cheese, and any kind of noodle in addition to the chunk fruits and veggies.

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