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Kristin - posted on 11/13/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Last October my son was born 3 and a half weeks early. My water broke and I was laboring but since his heart rate was so low I ended up having an emergency C-section. After discussing my birthing options with some colleagues my OB has said I am a good candidate for a vbac for this pregnancy. I have been making a mental pro/con list of whether I should have another csection or go with the vbac. I know to some it doesn't make sense to schedule a c-section when I have another option but there is a bit of a higher risk since the births were close together. Also, this little girl will be our last one so getting my tubes tied would be an easy option with the csection. The other 2 'pro's' would be 1) the hospital is a little over an hour away and 2) if the baby is under weight or anything else is wrong we have more time in the hospital, more help with nursing/latching, etc. Still, I am leaning toward the vaginal birth a bit. I just had this major surgery last year with my son. Although I recovered fairly quickly, I do have a toddler now...I will have to lift more and can't really spare the extra time in the hospital. Any opinions? What are your opinions, options on birth?


Elizabeth - posted on 11/14/2011




I'm actually impressed your doctor suggested a VBAC, everyone I know is scared into having a c-section again if they already have one. I personally would opt for the VBAC, at worst you will end up having a c-section, at best you will have a faster recovery and will be able to do everything right away.

I also had a drug free birth with my first and plan on it with my second as well.

I had all the help I needed with nursing/latching and even though I gave birth at a very busy military hospital they told me not to hesitate to call if I needed help and we had a follow up appointment at 2 days after hospital release to make sure all was going well and address concerns.

I am also biased as I feel a lot of c-sections are done unnecessarily considering the rate is almost 1 in 3 births here in America. Other countries have a much lower c-sec rate and even better mother/infant mortality rates. So I would opt to go vaginal unless you had a condition (placenta previa, etc.) which requires the surgery to ensure health. I think it's overused in cases of breach babies as well when many women have delivered naturally, but many doctors now won't even try it.

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Kristin - posted on 11/14/2011




Thanks for the input! I do want to say there was nothing scary about the c-section but if I were to have anticipated it I would have been scared to death. Really it all happened so fast, the speed of everything was unreal. I will probably just have to weigh the risks as the birth gets closer. If everything is looking like it's going to be healthy I will probably go with the vbac. It's funny, time will tell and the baby may make the decision, not me :) I would still love to hear everyone's opinions and birthing experiences from those that have children already.

Adria - posted on 11/13/2011




well I'm a bit bias lol so I may not be much help. I am one of those that don't understand much what you are going through. My cousin is going through the same decission. I kinda understand the wanting to not have a VBAC because of being scared of what could happen or what not and being more comfortable with the idea of a repeat c-section because you already know what to expect. I guess in away we are all faced with that even me, but opposite. If I find out this one is breech and I HAVE to have a c-section I would feel the same way. Because I know what to expect with a vaginal birth, a c-section scares the crap out of me. So I guess we understand the same feellings anyway.

But as far as what to do I guess you can only decide that. I would say VBAC but that's just because I had two drug free vaginal births and loved it so much! I think if this is your last it would be nice to have a VBAC so you can experience both and tell other moms your opinion on which one you perfered. I think all your reasons for pros and cons are valid reasons. You just have to decide which out ways which.
but like I said I believe VBACs can be a wonderful experience!

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