Marine Wives with Kids

A place where us moms can get together and we all have one fabolous thing in common... we are married to a MARINE! Ooh rah!


TBS is coming up

My husband is currently in the MECEP program and is set to graduate this coming December. His next step will be 6 months of TBS in Quantico,VA. I'm really having a hard time...


Movin to 29 palms

Moving next week, on base in 29palms, really need to make new friends. Can anyone tell me what its like living on base?



My husband reenlisted and is in MOS school and I feel like I am his friend not his wife, someone he loves or attractive too. He has barely been gone for 18 days and he's...



My fiance will be going to basic later this year. I am a stay-at-home mom and student. We are getting married after he gets back from boot camp. Is there anything we should...


Anyone in Jacksonville, richlands in NC?

Hello there! we moved here a little over an year ago from New Orleans. I'm Japanese, have two beautiful kids (4 & 2). I'm looking for friends who have kids around my kids's age...


How do you do it?

My Fiance's not yet in the fleet but already past the boot camp phase he has been in the service for 7 months and my son is 10 months now. How do you get over the fact that when...


Any MCAS Miramar???

Hi my name is Maria my son is 9 months old, wwe moved into the area a couple months ago but still haven't made any mommy friends.


Thank You!

Just wanted to drop in and say THANK YOU!!!!!! I really appericate your families make to ensure America remains The Land of the Free and The Home of the Brave. From my family...


Need advice..

My husband has been in for over 6 years now and HATES his MOS. He dicided he wants to lat move and has his heart set on one MOS imparticular. I've always told him that we would...