my boy born in 2007 and has special needs / genetic syndrome.

Charlotte - posted on 01/15/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




he was born in 07, but has special needs and its mad seeing wher he should be in his development they put him around 8/9mths so its hard, am sure theres other mums out there in the same position so get intouch. my boy has a genetic syndrome and lots of stuff going on so any1 out there hello.

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Charlotte - posted on 01/16/2009




hi sharon,

thanks for your support good 2 know ur not the only 1, i go 2 a mums and tots group on a weds for kids with special needs thats great but being able 2 chat with mums all over the world is great. hopefully we should know more by the time hes 2 in may. so will let u know. av never heard of what ur little boy has i bet it scaredu waking up and seeing him the way he was, cameron is using a special walking frame to try help him walk he does try 2 sit but gets very angry and he trys 2 pull himself along the floor hes getting there slowly great when u see them do these things. well am from the u.k did u say boston u.s think i mite get obsessed with circle of mums i think its great. my husband is in the british army so hes away alot so this is great meeting new people u have things in common with. speke soon charlotte.

Sharon - posted on 01/15/2009




OMG!! He's gorgeous!! Seriously, absolutely stunning!!

My son, Richard, has a seizure disorder that was discovered when he was 11 months old. His PCP sent him over to the MGH in Boston when he was 9months because of the enormous size of his head (I don't see it, but EVERY nurse and doctor comment on it). They ignored the size after looking at me, and measured his head, and laughed it off. Two months later I woke up to him twitching in his own vommit. He has macrosephaly, the right side of his brain is substancially larger than the left, and he has bi lateral subdural hemmoradges.

He did not walk until 14 months. It was very concerning to me to see his development slowly advance, but by 18 months, he has far surpassed his age.

Keep your head up honey. I'm not familiar with your sons conditions, but miracles do happen.

My son is still undergoing many more hospital stays and testing, and takes loads of medication, but medical science is amazing today, and the support of other moms is also VERY helpful!!

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