is it safe for my son to sleep on hos tummy?

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Deanne - posted on 01/07/2009




My daughter also slept on her tummy since birth. I understood the risks & kept a close eye on her, but she refused to sleep any other way (trust me I tried!!)

By now it should be well & truly safe but keep an eye on him

Carrie - posted on 01/07/2009




Yes it's fine.... my little guy has been on his tummy since the hospital, he wouldn't sleep any other way... he is my third so i let him...i also never left him out of my sight!!!  LOL  don't worry it is ok now

Angela - posted on 01/07/2009




This was helpful for me to read.  I put my son down on his back, but he rolls over in the night and wakes up on his tummy.  I wasn't sure if that was safe or not.

[deleted account]

Like others have said, as long as he can flip himself there shouldn't be an issue. I still put my son to sleep on his back but when I go in to get him up he's obviously been all around the crib and is typically on his belly.

Christy - posted on 12/30/2008




I asked my doctor, and she said that after 6 months of age, the risk of SIDS goes down a lot, and there is no need to flip them back to their back if they go to their tummy on their own.

Beth - posted on 12/30/2008




Hi there. My son was born May 12, 2008 and once he learned how to roll on his tummy, he loves sleeping on it. I have always heard that when they learn how to roll on tummy then they are strong enough to sleep on it. Nice talking to you!

Elizabeth - posted on 12/30/2008




Yes. He was born in may right? So yes, if the baby is strong enough and knows enough to turn his head and lift it up himself then he is fine. If you get concerened then just check on him. My daughter was born may 1st and loves sleeping on her side and tummy.

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