wat kind of activities to do with my 2 year old

Eman - posted on 04/28/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




i need to find out different activities that i can indulge my almost 2 year old son in,cuz he likes watching too much tv.i try diverting his attention n he really likes reading,painting n all sorts of fun activities .but hez an only kid so he wants me to play with him all the time,which isnt possible so he turns on the tv wen im busy n asks me to play his favourite movie... please advice me


Elyssa - posted on 05/08/2010




I got a really great book, it's called "The Toddler's Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner. It has 365 different activities to do with your toddler. there are indoor activities, and outdoor activities, and water activities, and crafts, and food activities. it's fantastic, and the best thing about it, is that most of the things required to do the activities, are things most people just have laying around the house. I think it's the best 10 dollars I have ever spent! And some of them are activities that they can play all by themselves, and they actually keep them entertained! I read a terrifying statistic the other day it said that by the time a child is 5 years old, he/she has watched 6,000 hours of TV—equivalent to having a 4 year degree in television. YIKES!!! I'd rather not have my children be one of those statistics! That's why I take the time to plan activities, and play with my kids... I recommend this book to EVERY mom of TODDLERS!!!

Sara - posted on 04/29/2010




Let him "help" you around the house...my little one is an only child and while he's kind of the opposite and can play for hours alone (i was the same way when i was his age lol!) i encourage him to help me when i'm doing things i have to get done. he helps put clothes in the dryer, helps me sort the silverware when unloading the dishwasher, i give him a rag (clean of course) when i dust. and he seems to enjoy it when we're stuck in the house! he feels like he has all my attention and i still get stuff done!

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Deepti - posted on 03/14/2011




block building, coloring, music and dance, some educational cd on computer can be played instead of tv viewing, play dates with friends can help

Melissa - posted on 07/06/2010




We save the TV for certain times of the day. A little in the morning and while I am cooking dinner. I do different activities with my kids during the rest fo the day- crafts, preschool activities, play dough, cutting and gluing, music and dancing, outside play time, reading. It doesn't leave a lot extra time so when I don't have something planned they are happy to get to play with their toys.

Renee - posted on 05/02/2010




My son likes to play with trains. He has a Thomas train that runs on batteries and on a track. He also like to build with blocks, color, I have a carpet with a "road" on it that he likes to play with his cars on, he likes to help me out around the house...We also have a small fenced in area that he plays in and the back door stays open.

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