What are best home remedies for whooping cough?

Armida - posted on 10/25/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My baby has been suffering for whooping for almost two weeks now. We have taken him to his pedia, but the medicines that he have taken for 7 days straight still has no effects. I wonder if you have some tips so that my baby could sleep well at night and reduce vomiting every time he coughs.

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Cheryl - posted on 10/26/2009




I use a book called "Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child" and it compares many conventional, nutritional, herbal, and homeopathic treatments for many childhood diseases.

For Whooping cough- nutritionally: avoid dairy, get as much fluids as possible, increase Vit C, Zinc, and carotenoids. Take some healthy flora like Lacto and Bifido (in many yogurts) to help her bowel. Herbal: Licorice tea, marshmallow root tea, osha root tea, and Slippery Elm Bark tea (I have used the last one, works great) Or you can get the oils and put them in your humidifier if she won't drink a tea.
Homeopathic: depends on other symptoms, homeopathy is pretty specific.

Do you have any naturopathic doctors or kinesiologists (often a chiropractor) in your area??? Good luck!

Anna - posted on 10/26/2009




im a mom of 5 and it went through my 9,7,3yr olds and my 16 momth twins and unfortunitley there wasnt much,i used a hudmitafier after the puking and it really did seem to help the cough but untill it runs it course its just there and its been 2 months and they all still have the cough at times, just really watch the breathing, i know this didnt help much and you feel so helpless,you and your family will be in my prayers

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