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just looking for ideas for toddler girl room. Theme ideas, websites anything helps. Thanks!


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We plan to do Tinkerbell. My daughter LOVES anything from her. I think we will wait until we move during the summer. For now I still have her in her crib with the color purple and butterflies :)

Charity - posted on 02/13/2011




We are going to do our daughter's room in Disney in General. We are going to the Princesses, Winnie The Pooh, Tinker Bell. No real specific them other than a Disney Wonderland.

Pattie - posted on 02/12/2011




I stuck with a colour theme. My daughter's room is painted a lighter green on top with white wainscotting on the bottom. I use different colours in the textiles and art work to accent. The three main colours in her room are green, pink and yellow. She can certainly grow into her room by simply changing up the bedding and artwork as she gets older. I also like to keep her room personal. I hung a large canvas my son painted for her when I was pregnant, a canvas she has since painted and also framed pictures of our family. I agree that character rooms can be a challenge, kids will outgrow them so quickly and it can get quite costly.

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Try They have great themed stuff for kids and it's non-licensed stuff so you're not stuck with a fad character that she may get tired of quickly. The stuff can get pricey, but they are also good for ideas.

Ashley - posted on 02/09/2011




I just did colors. My oldest two (ages 6 and 4) share a room. Their bedding is from PBK. They aren't the same, but have similar colors (bright pinks, greens, and pale purples). I did their walls with light green, and all the frames in their rooms, including their furniture, is white. I have a corkboard hanging up so they can switch out their artwork. I'm also an artist, so I painted a picture for each that has their name and a personalized picture (one likes unicorns, the other a pegasus) and they are framed above their beds.

The colors cooridnate, and since the frames in the room are all the same color, they can be switched out according to their tastes, yet the room still has a unified look.

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Try to go with just a color theme. Maybe add a few touches of other things here and there ie stuffed animals (teddy bears), the peal and stick wall decals, colored bins. I did paisley bedding with the same colors as the room. Also if you plan to buy a new bed go ahead and get whatever you want her to have for many years to come and just use the bed rails you can buy seperate. if u get a toddler bed u will just be buying another new bed in a year or two. Hope I was helpful.

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We are currently in the process of getting my daughter's big girl room together. Like some of the previous posts, I was concerned with changing themes too often so I chose a flower/butterfly theme. I found a quilt with (light yellow with pink flowers and green leaves). I pulled the green out by painting the walls the same light green color. I have found tons of cute flower and butterfly decor. Just google it and you can find decals to decorate the walls, mirrors, wooden flower coat hooks, and decals to decorate the walls, etc. Good luck on whatever you choose!

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We bought our daughter the candy land theme bed spread. It is very bright and colorful& green pink yellow light blue any color basically will go with it.

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I am finishing up painting my daughter's big girl room to move her in sometime this summer. Although I didn't want to paint it pink, I have a pink butterfly carpet I tried to match and accessorize with that will move with her to the other room. I did 3 walls pale pink, one a deep purple where I will put a craft wall to hang her artwork and have a felt board framed and ready to go. The carpet will be her play area to let her know it is ok to play in her room and try to keep her stuff contained a bit more. Her bedspread is also from Target, the design is like the flowers in her carpet and then I will be painting additional flowers/butterflies on the walls. Perhaps hanging 3D butterflies.
This should grow with her.

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I was thinking of doiing yellow walls and getting some of those removable wall stickers with fairies on. Every time she sees a fairy in a book or out and about her face lights up! I was going to go with lemon walls or something neutral and go more for girly linen and a bed! The bonus with the removable stickers is that if she gets sick a theme then it's not a case of repainting the walls. You can just fet another set of removable wall stickers. They do come in tonnes of themes too so basically a taste for every child!

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The only suggestion I have for this is that kids change likes so often that unless your ready to re do the room with every character change then do something random like flowers or butterfly's. When my son was little we did his room in Thomas and then a year later he didn't like Thomas anymore and wanted Spiderman and then From Spiderman to Batman in 6 months time and .... you get the idea!!!
The Character theme rooms are cute and you can find lot's of coordinated bedroom sets but in the long run, it's costly when they want to change themes!!

Amanda - posted on 02/02/2011




right now if I had to ask my daughter she would want: princesses, dora, ducks, or kitties. Also, anything pink. She will only willingly put on clothes that are any of the above, anything else is a struggle. I would follow her lead but don't put up big dora faces or princesses, just go with the colors and accents that can easily be changed or adjusted so that it will last for years.

Rebecca - posted on 01/30/2011




my daughter has dora the explorer bedding. it has very bright colors and is cheerful. i havent painted the room to match as im not sure what colors i want to use

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