how much should my baby eat?

Tonya - posted on 10/30/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My daughter is 5 months old she is drinkin 4 oz every two to three hours, she spits up alot so i called the dr and the stupid nurse told me that at 5 months thats to much for her to be eatin! she hungry though so i feed her i have introduced her to baby food to so should i just start weining her from formula or what im so confused i am a first time mom and it seems like the nurse wants me to bassically let her starve please help me

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Katrina - posted on 11/01/2009




i am feeding my boy pretty much exactly the same as Marianne. A 6oz bottle every 3 hours, 5x per day and some days a little more or less just depending on how hungry he is. If she wants to eat let her eat till his little heart is content. They are growing so fast and she should let you know when she is not hungry anymore, like by turning away and just acting uninterested in the milk. I also give him 2 tbsp of a veggie once a day and 2tbsp of a fruit once a day as well as 2tbsp of cereal before bed.

Marianne - posted on 10/31/2009




My son drinks 6 oz of formula every 3 hours, except at night- he sleeps from 8:00 or so until around 7:00. At lunch and at dinner, he eats 2 tablspoons each of fruit and veggies. it seems to work well for him, the dr is happy with our schedule. i stopped calling and asking the nurse questions- she told me that I was feeding my baby too much as well. I rely on what my dr tells me and also my gut instinct.

Nancy - posted on 10/30/2009




My daughter has the same problem but she's getting better. She was having 4 oz bottles too every 3 hours and for the last couple months has only gained 1 pound :S

But, we started to give her some rice cereal after every bottle and instead of feeding her every 3 hours, I now feed her when she starts to get hungry instead of following a feeding schedule and she takes two 6 oz and two 5 oz bottles. 5 oz bottles for when she has some cereal afterwards. Her appetite has increased and she is spitting up less. She also has been sleeping 10 -12 hours straight and is more alert during the days. I also have her sit up for about 45 minutes after her bottle/cereal to help prevent more spit up. It seems to work.

Rebekah - posted on 10/30/2009




I agree with Sara, 4oz doesn't sound like too much, and formula/breastmilk should be her main source of nutrition. Introducing a rice cereal would be fine at this point, but I'd almost recommend increasing her formula/breastmilk amount (if possible) first. The calories she takes in from her formula/breastmilk are worth MUCH more than a baby food.

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Formula or breastmilk should be your child's main source of nutrition for the first year. That doesn't sound like too much to me. Introducing solids now should be fine, but always give a bottle first. Your baby should drink formula until she's over one year and can have cow's milk. You are the mom, go with your gut :)

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