my baby boy is 21lbs and 30 inches at 5 months old is this big?


Kimberly - posted on 02/09/2012




Yes it is big but that doesnt mean its good or bad. He is a big boy all kids seem bigger when they are smaller and not moving as much. Once he hits six months the weight doesnt go on so quickly and they start crawling and walking and even out a bit more. Your arms will get a good work out though! People focus alot on size but as long as he is hitting his milestones and eating & sleeping well he will be fine. My daughter was born 9.1lbs and now at 27 months would be flat out being 21lbs so you never can tell how they will change

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Nicole - posted on 02/14/2012




Yea he's a big boy, but my 2.5 year old was 28 inches & 20.55 lbs at 5 months. Now at 2.5 he's about 35 lbs and 37-38 inches. They slow down on weight gain a lot more once they start crawling & walking.

Rebekah - posted on 02/10/2012




Not sure why this is in the May 2009 group... But, yes that's pretty big. My 2.5 year old (born in May 2009) only weighed 21.6lbs at her 2 YEAR old appointment... but she's super tiny (not even on the growth chart).

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