Solid Food (From puree to solids)

Sylvie - posted on 02/16/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




Just wondering if you mom's out there have any tips on getting your 8-9month old solids food.
My daughter as a very difficult time doing the transitions for she just swallows everything whole.
Any tips?

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Michelle - posted on 02/16/2010




Perhaps try putting some apple sauce in a dixie cup with a popsicle stick in it and freeze it then give this to her! Have you tried a little guy when I first introduced solids enjoyed grabbing a piece in his hand and mushing it and feeding it to himself. It was messy...but he loved it!! I also found he loved puffs at first (gerber)...they stuck to his hands so they are easy for them to self feed and they disolve in seconds...also rusks...

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Give her something to learn to chew on like a baby cookie it will teach her to bite and may teach her to chew.. My daughter is 9 months old and eats all solids she was started eating them at 6 months..I found that giving her things that she can bite on like cookies and whole carrots big not little, also i found that Popsicles (frozen ones) helped her learn to chew.. Hope this helps I am not an expert just thought i would share my personal learning experience with my own daughter!

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