Does your 4 month old still have a fussy period at night?

Tracy - posted on 09/24/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




My daughter is a little over 4 months (Born the 13th of May). I still find around 5:30/6pm she turns into "crabby gus". I feel it is a little to early for her to go to bed at that time, so my husband and I will try to soothe her,(of course checking all the obvious things -(hunger/wet diaper/hot/cold ect) and we play with her and distract her. Sometimes if the weather is not too HOT (we live in Florida), we will take her for a stroll around the neighborhood. Any other suggestions?

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Carrie - posted on 09/30/2010




My daughter was born on the 25th, and she gets fussy as well. I've found that if she's tired she sleeps better at night and its easier to put her to bed. I have a lot of support from my husbands family, and they help keep her entertained until its time to get ready for bed. Taking her for a walk or a car ride seems to ut her to sleep

Amina - posted on 09/27/2010




you should try give her a good massage top to toe then give her nice warm bath give her feed gentle tap on back to release gaz i am sure this little tips should work. works for my four months old

Tracy - posted on 09/27/2010




Thank you Kristina. We only introduced solids this week and I am trying to find a good way to establish routine for that too. (Man, so many routines...). I like your thoughts though. Thanks for sharing.

Kristina - posted on 09/26/2010




My baby was born May 15 and Usually gets fussy around 5-5:30 I let him take a short nap because at 6 he eats his Solids and I have noticed the less tired he is the better he eats and then we start his bedtime routine like at 7:30 and it hold him off well no fussiness it has been working so far...

Jennifer - posted on 09/26/2010




When my son (May 31) gets fussy around 5 I let him take a short nap, he wakes on his own in about an hour and it holds him over until bath and bed time. Or I put him in his swing and he doesn't fall asleep but is content with a few toys.

Natalie - posted on 09/24/2010




my daughter was born on the same day : ) she gets fussy a lil earlier in the day like around 4 :30 ...... i actually just play with her also and try to keep her distracted but if shes too fussy ill let her take a nap..... i cant think of any suggestions it sounds like ur doing the most obvious things....

Heather - posted on 09/24/2010




My lil guy (born may 27) gets fussy around 6/630 I do my best to hold him off until at least 7 when I bath him and start the bed time routine. No suggestions. Sorry

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