When did you guys take your baby off the bottle? My son is 15 months and he will not drink milk from a sippy cup. He did it a few times recently and I was so happy. But usually he will not take his milk in a cup.


Katrina - posted on 10/01/2011




they sell sippy nipples that go into regular bottles try that or try a sippy that has a staw like nipple. my daughter didnt like regular sippys at first she would only drink out of a straw or 'ba' (bottle with the sippy nipple) nuby sells both products go on their website

Krissy - posted on 09/23/2011




My son is almost 18 months old now and threw his own bottle away a few weeks ago , he loves those sipple cups that have the straws , give those a try .. good luck

Blaire - posted on 09/09/2011




My daughter is almost 16 months- just recently we switched over to only sippy's..we had GREAT luck right away with the nuby sippy's..It's the longer one in a shape like a bottle and the nipple is soft and looks similar to a bottle nipple also=) Hope it helps

Liz - posted on 09/01/2011




I was just coming on here to post this same question. My daughter is almost 16 months and will not drink milk from a sippy. She drinks everything else from sippy or open cup, but her milk is only from a bottle. I have tried all sorts of cups but she won't do it. I am not going to worry about it. She has 2 bottles a day, 8 oz. before nap and 8 oz. before bed. My doctor said 18 months is when she really needs to start weaning. I don't want her to quit drinking milk.

Robyn - posted on 08/25/2011




my babes is 15 mos and loves a bottle when he wakes up so he still gets about 2 a day with only 4 oz. in them. he will take milk in a sippy except for wake ups and prefers the soft tops...like nuby and i think playtex has them too. soft like bottle tops but a different shape. i wouldn't worry, 15 mos is still a baby to me!

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Candace - posted on 10/08/2011




My little one gave up the bottle on his own. We started putting his milk in sippy cup at 9 months and by his first birthday he no longer wanted the bottle. He would actually refuse it when we offered it to him. Does your little one know how to drink from a straw? For some reason most kids love the sippy cups that have the straws

Nneka - posted on 10/05/2011




try pitting him to drink milk when you all are doing the same he may feel like he is a big kid too when he sees everyone drinking in a cup

SHAWNELL - posted on 09/20/2011




Thank you guys I really appreciate all of the feedback! Hopefully he will start using his cups more with milk in them, I have quiet a few of the nuby cups as well. I'm always buying them to see which one he likes best.

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