stay in or get out?

Christina - posted on 04/22/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




My husband was on active duty for 5 years and convinced me that getting out and going to school was best and he would get in the reserves for health benefits. He is now in the reserves and is possibly going to be deployed this fall. Our ultimate goal is for him to finish school and get commissioned, which will be in about 2 years. He is now trying to convince me that it's best if he gets out of reserves to put all his attention on school and to avoid deployment this far in his school (because it would put him a year behind)
I am a stay at home mom/student and he is our only income source, if he gets out we will need to find health insurance and the prices are outrageous! So the only other option is for me to quit school and find work with benefits (easier said then done in this economy) and put our child in daycare so he can go to school. I have no problem finding work, but I don't want to work to pay for daycare. I need help getting him to see the big picture, but I feel he will resent me if he stays in the reserves and gets deployed. I know I am not the enlisted person,(which he reminds me every time we discuss this) and I don't have to deal with AT , drill weekends, and the possibility of deployment, but these are all things we discussed and knew would be possible when he got off active duty. Am I being selfish for wanting him to stay in the reserves?


Sasha - posted on 04/30/2011




No you aren't being selfish. If it's the only source of income and benefits you guys have thatsnwhat it is my husband is a medic in the national guard. They are talking about deployment also. The good thing about most colleges they are online. Look into that also. But if it is keeping your family afloat thten he must do whatt he needs to do to support the family too... Statistics say that women who drop out of college rarely go back to finish their degree... Exspecially women with children. Do what your gut tells you though 10 times out of 1 the womens intuition is right. I hope this might help.

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