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Hello Everyone!
Analeigh and I have been having a battle the past few months and I am now at my wits end.
I am trying to teach her how to drink out of a sippy and it is REALLY not going well. I don't know what to do. I have tried all different kinds in hopes of enticing her... big, small, tall, short and stout, handles, no handles, silicone, rubber, straws... AHHHHH! lol.

Please, help. I just need some new ideas.




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my son wouldnt even attempt to try a sippy that had a hard "nipple" and we didnt really start using them till like 13months w/the silicone. he still has a regular bottle for nap and bed time (18m now). i mean they're gonna grow out of it eventually so there's no need to stress and if other moms or ur doc is giving u crap dont worry about it lol

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Rachel - posted on 03/02/2010




I had some trouble with my daughter too. I would loosen the spill proof stoppers in the lids so it would drip easier, so she knew there was something in it and once she realized there was stuff in that cup she wanted then I would push the stoppers back in. I introduced juice to her at the same time so it made the cup even more interesting. Give it time...she'll come around. :)

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