Which Air Force Base is best to be stationed at??

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Hi everyone!

We are currently based at Mildenhall and are due to leave in January. Over the next few weeks the listings for our next base will be coming out. I just wondered if anyone had any recommendations? We will be going stateside. I am british so have no idea on where is best. I have a 7 month old baby girl so I want somewhere child friendly.

Thanks so much :)

Steph xox


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There is no such thing as a best Air Force Base to be stationed at... how could there be since everyone has different interests and preferences?

Besides, it's all about what you make out of it, with the right attitude even the worst location can be fun and enjoyable!

Kim - posted on 07/06/2009




We are currently stationed at Eglin AFB, FL. If you love the beach, then this is where you want to come! We are 10 minutes from the beach!

Cori - posted on 07/04/2009




just dont get dover! it sucks. its home to me now, but the weather is humid all year round, the only nice time is fall and it only lasts 2 months at the most. the worst of all things here is that kallita charters is on DAFB (if you havent seen "taking chance" i recommend it for insight) so every soldier that has died over seas touches base here first and every day i have to live with seeing the hellicopters coming in and the jets coming and seeing soldiers bodies being taken off of jets .. it makes the death part of this war to real and i cant get away from it.

Darcey - posted on 06/20/2013




We've been stuck at Holloman AFB in New Mexico for nearly 4 years and I'm DYING to move! Everything is very inconvenient; for instance, we drove 4 hours each way to spend my recent birthday somewhere that had good restaurants and shopping. We will be spending this weekend driving 90 miles (in separate cars) to get a minor car repair done, since we can't just drop it off in town and go back home or live our normal lives until it's fixed. I needed a skein of yarn last month to finish a baby blanket and had to spend an entire day driving 150 miles to the craft store and back to get it! I know people say, "It's all in your attitude" and I hate that, because you know what? I actually like the weather and the people here, but everything else is SUPER inconvenient which makes living here really difficult. Throw a toddler in the mix (thank goodness I only have one kid so far) and it's at least three times harder - I have to drive 75 miles to Target, and by the time we even get there he is DONE. Forget about enjoying it once you get there!

Ruth - posted on 07/04/2009




Well, having grown up here, I am extremely biased, but I would say the best Air Force Base to be stationed at is Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha, Ne. Lots to do, weather is four seasons, the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is one of the best in America, good people, etc... I really liked Randolph in San Antonio as well. Only two seasons there though hot and blistering hot. But it was a nice assignment. Never went to the same place twice. Scott in Southern Illinois was nice as well. Now remember, I lived in most of these places prior to 2000.

I was an AF wife for 23 years and my favorite assignment was Aviano Italy during the build up when the fighter jets were moving from Ramstien to Aviano. My second favorite would have been Randolph except for the heat.

The best words of advise I ever received were "It is the people who make the assignment not the place."


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Allyson - posted on 07/19/2009




we are stationed at Bolling AFB in washington DC. we live 5 min from the capital building and most of the things to do in DC are free so if you like to sight see then this is for you the base is nice and the pool is awsome airforce housing is beautiful and the navy housing is nice but its not as nice as the airforce. we live 10 min from a major air port and alexandria VA is across the river. and Andrews AFB is like 10-15 min down I-495 in MD hope this helps

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We were stationed at MacDill for 7 years. Out of the 4 bases we have been, this ist the best. There is so much to do, it's relatively inexpensive living. And the people are great. We have been moved to Robins AFB, GA and it is AWEFUL! We are doing everything we can to get back to MacDill.

Nicole - posted on 07/04/2009




We're stationed at Langley in Virginia. It's not a bad area, at least not where we live (off base, base housing here is HORRIBLE!). There's lots to do around here. There's Busch Gardens, Water Country, Colonial Williamsburg, lots of museums...there's also the beach! Virginia Beach is a big tourist attraction, and that's about 45 mins from where we live. We don't go there because we grew up in an area like that (Miami Beach) so we're over it, lol! Overall, this isn't a bad place, but we've been here for almost 6 years (this is my husband's first duty station) and it's time to move. I'm hoping we'll get orders in a few months. If you do happen to get stationed at Langley, I recommend looking for somewhere to live in York County or Poquoson, even Williamsburg if you don't mind a short drive to the base. Those are mostly nicer areas. Hampton and Newport News have some nice areas, but you usually have to drive through the bad areas to get there!

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