Current husband in Alaska, Ex trying to stop the move

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I've posted here a few other times, and I've gotten some great advice... I'm kinda back for more now.

My husband was stationed in Alaska, and he has been there since May. I have been in Texas finishing up my degree before I follow him. I have sole custody of my 9 year old son from a previous marriage, and in our divorce decree it says I can decide where he lives as long as I give my ex 3 months notice which I did. Now my ex is trying everything can to stop me from taking my son with me to Alaska in 6 weeks. Recently I had my sister in law and her friend visiting at my house, the past few days were pretty crazy and my son and sister in law kept butting heads. On Friday I saw a bruise on my sons arm, nothing major but I always ask him about them and he told me he didn't know where it was from, so I went as far as to ask if my sister in law grabbed him or hit him and he told me no. Well his father picked him up for Thanksgiving on Monday (he was supposed to pick him up on Friday but his dates always change at the last minute) and the next thing I know I'm getting a call on Wednesday from CPS telling me that my son told them that my sister in law left that bruise on his arm. He also told her that I had asked him about the bruise and that he told me he didn't know where it came from, but after talking to his dad his dad supposedly helped him remember.

Now another problem I had with his dad is that his dad always tried to plant things in my sons head ever since he got back into his life. At one point he told my son that I had his so drugged up on ADD medication that he was hallucinating giant wasps, but when i ask my son about it he tells me he doesn't remember anything like that. He has made up several other stories as well.

Here is my main question. Is there gonna be a problem with CPS now with this case? My ex husband was never around much for most of my sons life. He would see him once or twice a year for the first 7 years. Only recently when *I* moved closer to where he lives to finish school did he start seeing him more often. My son has never needed medication for depression until after his father became a bigger part of his life, and now the doctors tell me he needs a mood stabilizer, an anti depressant, and add medication to help him function better.

I'm just at a loss right now, I don't want him to mess with my move. He owes over 11k in child support, he never sticks to the visiting hours that he is supposed to, he puts ideas into my sons head that are INSANE! One example. I was born and raised a muslim, and I've been raising my son as a muslim. His father has been putting ideas into his mind that since he is muslim (his father is not muslim) he is supposed to hate every other religion out there that is not muslim, and he's supposed to want to kill people that aren't muslim! What do I do about all this? He is making my son HATE who he is.

I am scared that I will have to postpone my move. I am scared of what CPS might say or do. They are calling a meeting where we can invite any family members so my sister in law is going to be there and my husband is going to join through conference from Alaska. My mother is coming as well as my father in law.

My ex also told CPS that I pulled out my son out of the psychiatric school before he could finish his treatment because I don't have insurance which is BS. I have tricare, my son was discharged from the program. I have the discharge papers from the Psych School. My son is also following up on the treatment plan which is to take him to a psychiatrist as well as a psychologist, which I have been doing.

What can I do to fix all this? Is there any way to make my ex husband lose his parental rights? Can he stop me from going to Alaska in 6 weeks through CPS? The military are the ones relocating us, and they are buying our tickets very soon. What happens if they buy the tickets and then I hear back from CPS or something that I cannot leave?

Help Please!


Sara - posted on 11/25/2011




unfortunately I have to say that the military has nothing to do with the civilian world or justice system. since paperwork says you have full custody and that all you have to do is notify your ex 3months prior then you have every right to move. i would, if I were you, take all of this paperwork to court with you and present it to the judge as evidence. Obvioursly, since CPS is involved it will be a little more difficult but they'll sit your son down and talk with him and they'll know if he's telling the truth or not. if the story keeps changing they'll know something is up so they'll do whatever is right. I know it's an inconvenience to have to postpone your move but unfortunately since CPS is involved I wouldn't fight it just go with it and present all of your evidence and they'll know what's right and what's wrong. Good luck!

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