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Sarah - posted on 12/18/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




So I was under the impresion that hubby had it on his orders that his follow on is Moody AFB so my question is where would I find that and if it shows it on his orders to Korea would that mean if I want to go ahead and move there at any point during this tour could I? Thanks!


Alexandria - posted on 02/24/2012




Dont know about AF but the Army is setting up a great military community in S. Korea with a beautiful city scape, high rise condos, parks etc. I saw an article about it in some military news source last year. There are differing opinions on how great it really is but looks like it could be a great experience to me. When my husband served his tour in S. Korea some years ago near the DMZ I believe they call it, N./S. boarder, I looked into colleges and found great study programs provided in English over there. There is a wonderful fashion presence in S. Korea with wonderful bargin shopping compared to buying in the states, or there was at some point, might be a bit difference now with the economy issues. Worth looking into if you have an opportunity to move there for a while AND have the protection of a military post for residence. The S. Korean people are marvelous, smart, great culture, great languauge, their music is event pretty good. I had the privileage of going to school with about a dozen S. Koreans on education visas in middle and high school. Wonderful people.

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