Masturbation questions

Jacinta - posted on 12/08/2012 ( 5 moms have responded )




It's the taboo topic that no one wants to talk about.How many of us moms actually have the time to masturbate where do you do it,would you let your child,what would you do if you walked in on your daughter fingering herself?

Does it make you uncomfortable to talk about or do you like to talk about,what's your take on it and do you do it??

If your daughter did it and wanted tips,would you give them?


Jackie - posted on 08/21/2013




I am a single mom, with two grown boys (20, 17) still live at home...Yes, I masturbate, an ugly divorce turned me very negative towards men, so I have become bisexual...I mostly do it in my bedroom...Not having daughters I can't talk about that, but I know I was an only child and my mom did not talk to me much about sex...and I vowed if I ever have daughters I will not be like my mom...Well god blessed me with two wonderful sons, however, I don't know anything about being a boy growing up, what they think and go through...I did accidently walk in on one of my sons masturbating, totally different than walking in on a daughter...I had no idea what to say....and yes I did catch myself staring momentarily, but quickly closed the door...

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Jan - posted on 09/02/2014




Some times three times a day. Out by the pool and in the bedroom. My husband works night the kids are at school.

Lindsey - posted on 02/01/2013




I have certain friends that I talk about anything with. We are very open with each other. Yes I masturbate. I do it when my husband is out of town. He can be gone for a few days or months. I am a very sexual person. And sometimes he likes me to do it when he is home. Yes I would talk to my girls about it if they had questions about it. I have 3 girls and we have just started the puberty and sex talk. They are at the age. I don't have a very close relationship with my mom. I want to have the close relationship with my girls that I didn't have with my mom. I am very lucky that my mother-in-law and I are very close.

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