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I am a working mom. I am the bread winner of the two so we are ok financially. My daughter is a very emotional person. She does not know yet. We had a cruise planned for the week after Thanksgiving and are still going and will tell her on the cruise. I wanted us both to be there to pick up the pieces vs telling her when he leaves. Also she can see us in a very healthy environment and know that she is loved and is the center of the world to us since the whole cruise will be about being with her. I know it will be hard the day he actually leaves. (He has a lot of stuff to pack and find storage and a place to stay). There is another person on his side but she lives 4 hours away. Everything has happened in less than a week and at times I am strong, angry, bitter, in denial, mad, sad and all the emotions. I am getting by by talking about things as much as possible. Just need to know how to get by in the beginning. I have already found a Divorce Care group for myself and her that meets at the same time at the same church. It starts in January and goes till May. But with the holidays coming not sure what to do.

Heather - posted on 11/20/2008




Oh you brave girl. When my husband and I split, I kept myself really busy with the kids, we went everywhere together which was very hard as they were toddlers, but I made it all about them, because if they see that you are not okay, they feel unsafe. Get a routine going asap. I had my lawyers write up in our agreement not to discuss adult issues infront of them and had custody arrangements dealt with right away.

If you and your husband are splitting up, you will thank yourself later for how brave you are. Take time for yourself too. I had no one to watch my kids, so I started to read in the bath tub, pretty pathetic, but atleast it was something.

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