baby shower!!

Tim - posted on 03/09/2010 ( 7 moms have responded )




any ideas about Babyshower?what to do&how to do it?im due nxt month.this will be my 1st baby&its a girl! we're planning to have the party on March 27,Sat.


Olga - posted on 03/09/2010




If your planning on doing the babys room a certan theme. have the babyshower that theme.. for instance, hello kitty, precious moments, etc. Or you can do the traditional just all pink theme. Make your guest list, invites, have your friends/family help out with the games and food. You can google and find many great ideas. Fun games to play are; guessing the belly buy a string or toliet paper, the soda in a bottle and having your guest drink it whoever finishes first wins, or the saftey pins in rice guest are blind folded and try to get as many saftey pins by a cetain time frame like 30 seconds. (trust me its harder then it sounds) for food you can do pasta. Costco sells already made pasta just need to heat and its affordable. serve with salad and rolls. and last the cake. and you can also buy some baby plastic pins and hang them in string. and that can be a game too, guest can steal them from one another by making a rule; like not saying the word baby, or not crossing of the feet. etc.. its good to have at least 3-4 games.

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Laura - posted on 03/12/2010




I didnt really have a theme either but what I did do because my apartment wasnt big enough and if your family and friends can afford it of course is I just had it at izzy's pizza (not sure if there is one were you live or where they are even located) they had an area that I could set up a few decorations and we did a couple of party games and had fun! but I also have been to qite a few outdoor showers and those all seem to be fun and you can usually do it at a park for pretty cheap or free under some sort of shelter

Laura - posted on 03/11/2010




I literally had my babyshower a week before my baby was born. To make things easier on you it's always best to get others involved that way your not stuck doing it all on your own and since it's so last minute having a helping hang can definitley "Help" get some family and friends to bring something wheather it be a side dish or cake or decorations it definitley helps. make a list of things you need first off what your going to have to eat then what type of side dishes you may need maybe include desert if you prefer. What Games you will be playing and who will be in charge of doing games, make sure you have all the tables n chairs you need and eating utensles like forks spoons knives. My main dish was a roast shreaded up to make sandwhiches and I had lots of side dishes including desert. We also had nachos that fed alot of people and chips n dip to get them all a little full. For games you'll probably need about four because everything goes so fast and it's seems like you run out of time. Well that pretty much my advice for giving the best babyshower you can give, my babyshowe them was surfer boy and I made most of the decorations and alot I found at party city since it was summer and they have tones of luau stuff around that time.

Sarah - posted on 03/11/2010




I always like to do outdoor parties if the weather allows. It makes clean-up so much easier. Keep it simple. Get a cake and finger foods. Let everyone eat and socialize for 30 mins to an hour. Then, do 3-4 games. Then, do presents. Thank everyone, clean-up and go home and put your feet up.

Kelly - posted on 03/11/2010




When I had my baby shower I didn't really have a "theme" we just had lots of pink decorations and food :) haha...we had home made mints that were in the shapes of baby bottles and strollers and stuff like that, we had sandwhiches and fruit, punch, apple cider etc. We didnt play any games but I have been to a baby shower where they played games like how many rolls of toilet papper can you fit around the belly and guessing games about how big your belly is and a baby bottle race to see who can drink out of a baby bottle the fastest and who can guess the right baby food (everybody gets a sample of baby food and they have to guess what it is like apples or pears or ham, peas etc.) I hope this helps!!

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