He wants to adopt. I am not sure about it.

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We have a 2-year-old boy.

We are the difficult to conceive type and I only got pregnant (naturally) after trying for four years. I was never on the pills or any other form of contraceptives.

We have never stopped trying after I gave birth to my son but my husband is tired of trying. He wants a family with a few children but it seems that we are stuck with one.

He suggested a few times that we adopt but I am unsure of the idea. I don't know if I can really love the children we adopt or even if he would love them as much as our own.

Before I got pregnant with our boy, he suggested that we adopt too. But a few months after that, I got pregnant and he stopped the subject. Now that he is asking again.....

I am scared that he will leave me for another woman who can give him more children or who is willing to adopt.

I need opinions on this.

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Michelle - posted on 07/11/2012




adoption can be expensive have you thought of trying invitro or seeking medical help in getting pregnant I have had a few friends who have gone this route and have been successful in conceiving.

Louise - posted on 07/11/2012




Your husband would be very shallow to leave you for another woman because he wants to adopt. I think you need to sit down with him and express your concerns about adopting a child and your feelings towards it. Also speak to an adoption agency as they have councilors that will talk you through things. But, if you don't want another child in your home then most definitely dont adopt. This relationship will be forced and not maturnal.

Your husband loves you and your son and will not walk away from you both because he can't adopt another child. There must be something else in the relationship to cause him to walk away. You need to communicate more and really have this one out. You have to be 100% sure it is something you want to do and not be bullied into it.

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