how do you toilet train twins!

Louise - posted on 04/28/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




omg!!! having a very hard time with my twin boys. i brought new pottys and a toilet seat and all the toilet gear.. well they run around with the potties on there heads and have no idea at all on what they are used for, but the PROBLEM IS they hate wearing nappies they take there nappies off all the time and if i dont know that they have done a poo it will be all over the wall in two mins flat!!! they must plan it or something and they been doing this since they were 1 and 1/2. bed times are the worst as when i leave the room they get undressed. they are 3 in july and i had just about enough. ive tried belts, pins, sticky tape to keep them on but this aint working they are smarter than me any help???? lol

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Dawn - posted on 04/29/2010




ok, so i have twin girls... and its a bit different, but here is what sometimes works... Twins arent anything like singleton kids...
dont work on potty training both at the same time... focus on the more domanant one... the one who is in charge... ( there is always one. lol ) put a cup of water in the potty... then throw some cherios in.... teach him to aim at them.. and make it seem like he is having sooo much fun. the other, may surprise you and catch on first.
you can also start the sticker reward chart.. for each time they leave a nappy on, they get a sticker... when they get to five... they get a treat . ( something small... and agreed on in advance. ) you can also do this for when they do their job in the potty as opposed to the floor or elsewhere. lol
and lastly... the best time of day to catch an accident in the potty, is first thing when they wake up. have a drink ready for them... and some sort of finger food... Cherios are good for this too... to keep them busy. the drink will help trigger the whole water thought process.

dont give up. dont stress.. and remember, they wont wear nappys to highschool. once this stage is gone, you cant get it back... so enjoy it.

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for my kids i brought a potty with one of the tables attacheched and put it in front of the telly and with one of there favourite shows on try that see if it works. if not spend a day outside with them outside whens its warm tell them they cant go inside untill they go potty

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