I got a picky eater...any suggestions??

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My 2 year old is such a picky eater...he refuses to eat his meals....he still naps and gets a bottle in the middle of the day. But to get him to eat breakfast and supper is always a battle!! My friends tell me he will eat when hes hungry but its just hard not seeing him eat. Are there any foods or suggestions that you have used with your children?? I got to add to that I have tried with the gummy vitamins and the Pedia Sure and he refuses both!!


JuLeah - posted on 10/22/2011




It is okay that he refused Pedia Sure as it is mostly sugar and not really good for him. Also, watch the vitamins. Read the label with care and don't bother with them if they have sugar, dyes and other junk.

He will eat when hungry. Right now he knows what his body needs. Offer healthy choices and he will make them.

In a few years he will have lost the ability to know what his body actually needs and will eat like other Americans - eat for social and emotional reason, eat fast food, eat chemcials and toxins and call it food ......

Better I think to allow him to eat when hungry and eat what his body needs

Offer bright colored foods, nothing processed, nothing out of a box or can. Food from the earth, as nature created it

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Enfamil makes a toddler formula specifically designed for picky eaters to make sure that the toddler gets the nutrients that they need. I have to give my two year old PediaSure and my doctor has suggested the toddler formula for my 7year old because she is a picky eater and won't drink the pediasure. if he takes liquid meds no problem maybe talk to your doctor about finding a liquid vitiman or a chewable one that you can crush up in applesauce.

Also have him pick out some foods at the store. I have found that if I let my picky eaters choose their food they are more apt to eat them. Good Luck:)

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Nikki - posted on 10/29/2011




Thanks ladies....Andrea, I never thought about the Enfamil!! Good idea...and yea he will take liquid meds so I will ask my doctor about the liquid vitamins I just figured all they had in the vitamin area is what is at the pharmacy I never even thought about asking my doctor!! Thanksss ...and the applesauce trick...very smart cause he LOVESS applesauce!!! :)

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