my four year old has been potty trained for almost 2 years, he now likes to pee in the litter box despite the punishment! does anyone else have kids that pee in weird places?


Christy - posted on 02/04/2009




My son is 12 now but when he was 3 or 4 he started peeing in the trash can in the bathroom.  I don't think there was a problem he just thought it was funny.  I thought it was gross and very strange. He would be put in time out and have to help me clean out the trash can everytime he did it.  The phase only lasted a month or two.  Best of luck to you. 

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Jen - posted on 02/04/2009




haha i have a son who pees on my car tires and last year when he was 1 1/2 he went out back with the dogs and squatted next to the dog and pooped. that was the only time he did that but it was so funny. The peeing thing he knows hes not supposed to do it but when your outside playing he tries to argue that its faster to go on the tires then go all the way into the house.

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