My son of 8 keeps pickin his nose and bitin his nails he does it subconsciously how can i get him to stop ?, its driving me bonkers

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my son of 8 has awful habits , he is biting his nails and picking his nose , its awful as he does not realise half the time he does it , and sometimes when out in public , im gettin so annoyed when i catch him , i have tried puttin pepper on his nails but he really is not put off by anythin i try .

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Natisha - posted on 02/18/2009




Tabasco sauce works... it's hot and gross to a child... well it is for most children. :)

Marie - posted on 12/31/2008




His nose is probably dry, and you can get an over the counter saline spray that helps with that (it is not harmful at all; probably sold in health food stores as well). My 9 year old son still does this and he has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, it is one of his "things" so you may want to read up on that, too. Good luck!

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