Should I forgive my Father for my Boys?

Jeramie - posted on 09/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am a 21 yo single mother with twin boys. I grew up in a single mother home & get disappointed with myself at times because I allowed myself to start my children's life with the same "disadvantage" I had. With all these feelings surfacing, I decided that I would reunite with my father. I've known where he was just like he's known where I was since I was a toddler but decided to cease contact right before I graduated high school. I didn't tell him myself that I was pregnant but I told his oldest son & mother, my brother & grandmother so I would guess he knows. I'm doing this for me & my boys because I kno I have a lot of anger towards my father that needs to be let go of.

I guess my question is has any one done any thing similar to this, for what reasons & what should I expect ?


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Hi Jeramie, I am 34 years old with three kids. I grew up without my father (didn't meet him until I was 19), and when did meet him, I had soo much hate on the inside, my head started to hurt. I felt that my father was a coward and he wasn't a real man, and at that point I wanted to have nothing to do with him. Years went by and I learned (through crying, prayer and close friends) to forgive my father, not for my kids/not even him, but for me. GOD can heal your heart, you just have to learn to let go,,,,so that you can allow your kids to have a wonderful relationship with their father. Remember, your father and their father, are two different people. Don't punish their father for YOUR father's mistakes.

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