Single Mom the father never met her.. I have college and work

Brittany - posted on 09/02/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am beginning to have trouble handling everything. I am glad that my daughters dad is not around because when he even gets close he just makes things worse. I am in college and I work, my job gives me hell and school is becoming harder. My daughter is one and she is soo extremely attached to me. I switched babysitters a couple months ago and she still freaks out every time I leave her there!! She cries whenever I am away but I have to do some work! Is there anyone else out there in this situation.. how do you handle it? I think I just need to get out and let lose!!

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Melanie - posted on 09/04/2010




i raise 6 kids on my own, heaps better then having their father around, He met the youngest at the hossy for a few days, but then didnt see her till she was 9 months... the in and out oftheir lives was causing stress on the kids and me so now there is no contact

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I had the same problem with my daughter who is now 6. They tend to grow out of it but i found that you must find someone that she likes and has a good vibe towards this will ease the stress on both you and her. Also try to ease her into the babysitter give her atleast a week if full time and two if part time that way she knows that you are always going to come back.

Barbara - posted on 09/02/2010




It will get better I propmise...I am in the same situation my daughter is a bit older now but I have raised her all alone and she has always been really attached I have learned that once a month I need a night to my self and I leave her with my mom overnight and then get her the next day after school. you need some personal time. Hang in there you will be fine

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