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Theresa - posted on 12/18/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am a 19 year old single parent. My lil Jazmin is almost 8 months old. I moved back in with my mom and share a room and bed with my daughter... Not by choice. I breastfeed her so it was just so much easier to lay down with her to feed her at night and fall asleep. But that lil habbit cost me my bed!
Our room is too small for a crib or bassinet but we are looking to move into a bigger house with an extra bedroom so that i'll have somewhere else to put Jazmins stuff besides the living room.
When we move, I was hoping to set up her crib so that I won't have to worry about her crawling off the bed when i leave the room. (please don't tell me she won't, cause she does)
Aaaanyways, my point is I realized that i don't want to be sharing my bed with her till she leaves for college! And when I am ready to move her out of my bed, how do I go about doing so?
I can't get the girl to so much as take a nap without me being attatched to her! She is very attatched to me, and I to her, but I am just worried about the future!
My sister was in the same situation and now has a new baby. But she can't get her 9yr old, 13 yr old and 15yr old to sleep in their own rooms!

any advice please?

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Megan - posted on 12/21/2009




I'm in your sitch right now. When my ex left, my son & I had to move in w/mom, dad & 2 teen brothers.Could'nt fit a crib in & didnt have a bed so my dad gave me a futon. Well, both my son & i sleep in it. He's 1 & walking. I get out of bed to take my meds(im epileptic) I have to shut the door, which makes noise. If i dont he tries to follow me, I'm afraid he'll roll down the stairs that are no more than abt 5ft away. My parents recently moved us all into a bigger house.

The way im going to try to do it is this. First I'm going to set up the crib next to our futon for a few nights & let him get used to it being there. Then after a couple of days I'm going to put him in there for naps, a couple of nights later put him to bed in there. The crib will be in my room & next to the futon then gradually move it a couple of in.'til its across the room. This way he's not attatched to me at the hip.

Whatever you choose to do, gook luck.

Vicki - posted on 12/20/2009




Try a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel (for warmth) and an old fashioned wind up clock (one that ticks loud enough-to babies it sometimes sounds like moms heartbeat). Jazmin won't be in your bed forever, and then you'll miss snuggling with her, embrace that close time with her. Be Strong :)

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