toddlers tantrums

Michelle - posted on 09/27/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I'm michelle, I have a 2 year old daughter.I know my problem is so common with all the moms but i really need more advice from you all pls... I really find it hard to control my daughter during her tantrums I really dont know what to do, I think Ive done all I can to atleast lessen her tantrums but nothing works..,And I dont wanna hurt her! She really would not listen to me, I tried talking to her and make her understand why she should not do it, but instead she will just shout and cry... I dont wanna be in the point when people would hurt my child because of her behavior.... I wanna discipline her as much as I can in a nice way!


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My 2 year old son is allowed to throw as big, long, loud, of a tantrum in his room as he wants. When he is calm and sweet he can come out and play with me.

I really reccomend the parenting strategies of "Love and Logic"

Kelly - posted on 09/29/2010




My 2 year old has tantrums, altho they are getting less. If he has 1 at home, I put him in his room, and tell him to come down when he is finished. Once he has gone quiet, I will go in an ask if he is comin back down, sometimes he will just start tantruming again, if he does I just close the door and tell him he can come down when he has finished.
It doesnt take long for him to come down in a much better mood.
Anyway from home, I ignore it as much as I can, if its bad he gets a tap on the back of the hand and ignored...u have to be cruel to be kind sometimes. It works for my son anyway!

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Candice - posted on 09/28/2010




i do the same thing. put her in the bedroom, explain why she's there, tell her she has 2 minutes (1 per year of age, they say). after 2 minutes i come back and ask if she's ready to ....(whatever she was in there for...usually she's not listening to me). If she says no, i offer her more time (sometimes she's so mad she takes it, and i walk away again..which makes her pretty mad). Repeat...i come back and calmly ask if she's ready or if she wants to stay there. it usually only takes the first 2 minutes.

if we're out somewhere when the tantrum happens, i warn her that she will go to her room when we get home. I pick her up (screaming if necessary), remove her from where we are, take her home, and into the bedroom she goes.

by the way, don't forget to reward GOOD behaviour. It's often overlooked, but rewarding good behaviour in situations where there could have been a tantrum is a great way to show them that they can get attention by being cooperative.

controlling them during the tantrum is often impossible. you can try distraction, but once they're fully in it, they are usually pretty determined. You can try to avoid the tantrums in the first place (by offering choices, or reasoning through or avoiding possible tantrum situations), but that doesn't always work either...although both ideas are worth trying first.

Pamela - posted on 09/28/2010




Try placing her in her bed room and let her come out of the tantrum herself from my own experience i just walk away and ignore her tantrum then when she is over it and has calmed down try explaining to her that its wrong and that kind of behaviour is not acceptable i hope you find thid of some use

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