What are the must have items, when I bring baby home from the hospital?

Lexus - posted on 04/11/2010 ( 4 moms have responded )




I am preparing a bag to bring to the hospital, but I feel unprepared about coming home with my new baby.

I have:

34 cloth diapers

24 wash cloths

about 25 onsies

2 blankets

a baby carrier

bouncy seat

pack n play with the bassinet

a boppy

a high chair


some pacifiers

and7 bottles ( I plan to breastfeed, and pump milk for daycare)

Next week I am getting a swing, and travel system (car seat and stroller)

I did not have a lot of time to prepare, as I moved from NY to NV at 6 months. I feel like I am so not ready.

What am I missing that I HAVE to have?

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Shannon - posted on 04/13/2010




Do you have towels to go with the washclothes? haha Relax, it sounds like you have all you need and then some!! other than a car seat to get home and such, a plalce to sleep, diapers, and bottles for the milk/formula all your baby needs is mommy's love and care!
Even still here are a few suggestions you may not have thought of or maybe just didn't list
Are you using a crib?
fitted crib sheets
waterproof crib pads (great even if your using the pack in play as a crib)
pack and play sheets
basinett sheets
diaper rash cream
baby hair and body wash
baby lotion
baby tub
nail clippers (tho I found it easier to chew my little ones nails)
Good Luck to you! Relax and enjoy!

Shannon - posted on 04/11/2010




Dr. Brown bottles and medium flow nipples. I used Gerber with my 1st child, immense mistake. I used Dr. Brown on my triplets and they never made a peep.

Hattie - posted on 04/11/2010




A moses basket is always good.

Some vests.

You don't really need a lot of stuff.

Steralising equipment if you're using bottles.

Cotton wool and nappy cream.

Hats and scratch mits.

Carla - posted on 04/11/2010




well as a first time mommy my self all you really need is a car seat stroller and you for the big things best thing is to try out breast feeding and if you can its cool too the best bottles i have found to use for a new born is avent air and dr browns. it depends on how many time you want to wash the bottles to how many you need i had only and still only as far as sizes for cloths you baby will be in new born to 3 months unless use 6 and i have 1- 2 oz 2- 4oz 3- 8 oz that should do you till 10 months old. for cloths it depends if you can wash every 3 days to once a week.i would do 4 dozen cloth diapers i use them too but you want enough that you can do a load and still have some left till they are done and just a hint do not wash them with cloths do them by them self. as far as cloths you want at least 10 pairs con siting for day shirts onesies and pants even in the summer they need to be covered. they need pjs just like us i put her in a onse and soft pants. you will need baby shampoo the best is Johnson and Johnson head to toe. baby powder baby oil (in-case of cradle cap) bath towels lots of socks all different styles and sizes. bibs, receiving blankets. baby wipes, nail clippers. for the hospital bag you need 1 set of cloths to bring the baby home in, tooth brush cloths for you camera, blanket hair brush, and bc your using cloth diapers bring a lot they do not provide them. and or wash them. but to make it easy they will use regular diapers and give you whats left to go home with. the most important thing is your love for that precious child. hope this helped

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