Is it Too late for pull through surgery?

Van - posted on 01/29/2011 ( 3 moms have responded )




Hi my son has long segment hd. He has the ileostomy surgery at two weeks old. He is now 13 months old. Our surgeon recommended waiting until potty training age to do the pull through surgery. I am anxious about the future of my son's health. Do u know any other hd family that waited till potty training age for the pull thru surgery? I am worried! Is it uncommon. I live in Los Angeles CA. R there anyone out there like me?


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Leslie - posted on 02/04/2012




My son was diagnosed at 6 days....after two surgeries one at 2days old. He has long segment...having no large intestine functioning. My son is now 12 months and still has his iliostomy. He actually has a double stoma. Anyhow, I have not even been given a time for when his pull through will be. They just say....around potty training time, so I don't know if that mean 2 or 3, even 4?? I am nervous because of how often the stool comes out. Will it be like that when he is hooked back up. I have two GI docs and two surgeons I talk to and they both say potty training age. What is your son's stooling pattern if you dont mind me asking?

Christine - posted on 06/29/2011




Hello Van, My daughter also had an ileostomy - tchd +55cm. I expected she would have her pull through after the age of at least 1.5-2 but she was able to have her pull through at 8 months. I have heard of docs wanting to wait until potty training. I have also read very good success stories - potty training with bm within 1 week after pull through on a child the age of 5. Our doc told us they consider so many things before they decide to go ahead with the surgery - size, weight & weight gain, overall health, diet, hx of enterocolitis, size of the child to accommodate the stretch of the bowel from one place to the connection site etc. From the reading I have done the potty training is sometimes easier when the pull through is done later as the child understands what is happening. I will think positive thoughts for you & your family!

Angi - posted on 06/12/2011




Sorry for the delay in replying, Van. How are things now? I have not heard of waiting until potty training for the pullthrough. Potty training an HD child can be VERY challenging. I wonder if it would make it harder or easier? Did your surgeon say why?

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