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Chrissy - posted on 08/11/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband works for DODI and recently took a new position after being hurt at work. The good news is he gets better pay the bad news is he is now gone for a month at a time. He left July 26th for Australia. This is the longest he's been gone and the kids are really starting to miss him. :( Any other wives out there going through this or something similar?

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Heidi - posted on 02/09/2011




My husband works in Angola and is curently on an 8 week on/4 week off rotation, but a contract he did in Congo lasted 4 months. To be honest, and 8/4 week rotation is harder than a 4 month once off!
The 4 weeks just fly by and the 8 weeks DRAG!

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My hubby is with DODI too, in Brazil now on 28/28. We've done 28s for 7 years now. The first year is the hardest...just the schools, training, meetings, etc. and getting used to it. The pay is def. better right up front, but really, it IS better. When they are home, there is so much more time to rest, travel, get things done, and just spend time together without the rushed feeling. His jet-lag should be 3 days (my husband was in Australia for 3 years). I only have 1 son, and he misses his Daddy terribly everytime. We get through by talking to him everyday, he has his picture close to his bed and making sure that when Dad is home they have 1 on 1 time with each other. Then I make sure he and I do something special for ourselves too. I know it's hard. Stay strong!!

Eileen - posted on 08/14/2010




My husband works in angolia africa..He ia gone for 28 days at a time.. When he started he worked for two months on and one off..It was hard esp. when you have little kids..It does get easier to deal..

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