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Ive been with my husband for three years.He has a CDL.Before I new him he worked in the derricks.Anyway I pushed him to get his CDL.And now I kind of regret it.But he loves his job so I stand behind him.Hes always gone.Its very rare that he gets a day off.And when he does get a day off the company or other employees call him.Hes tired of course so he needs rest.I catch myself starring at him because I miss him so much.Is their anyone out there who knows what Im going through?


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Beth - posted on 08/08/2012




My fiance' went to work doing flow back work back in April. I haven't seen him since. We live in Maryland and he is in ND so he has to fly and it cost between 600 - to 1,000 to fly depending on when you book. I am so sad and lonely and I really need him to come home and help with things around the house. He does ok because his goal is to make money...but when do you say enough is enough?

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Sarah - posted on 08/07/2012




My husband hauls sand for fracking companies! I know what you mean about hardly getting to see your spouse. My husband was running his ass off working 3 weeks on with 2 days off. They were running him illegally and it got dangerous so he moved on to another company. He's now working 2 weeks on 1 week off, but could get a minium of 3 days home. They could call him any day after him being home 3 days and say lets go! Thankfully they haven't yet but it still sucks. The pay isn't at all what they told us...feel like its a bunch of lies! Just thankful its a job and it pays the bills for the most part!

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Unfortunatly my children are still young I have 13,11, and 7 yr old.But my 13 yr old lives with his mom.And he doesnt long haul hes abled to come home.I thank God for that.Thank you for responding Im glad that someone knows how I feel.Keep the faith.

Chaya - posted on 07/29/2012




I'm lucky if I get to see my sweetheart every couple of months, fortunatly, I'm not going to marry her, and I'm not holding my breath for her to retire, I'd consider marrying her if that were in the offing. She's a long haul trucker. My question is how old are your children? Are they young enough you all to go with one run per quarter/month, whatever? Or are they old enough to stay on theri own for a week or more so you can go with him? Or could Grandma or SIA Grandma take them so you could go?

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