how do I control myself as a cop?

Kyle - posted on 03/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am starting the Police Academy this month and I am concerned because I can no longer seem to control my emotions. I started noticing it about 2yrs ago. When I get really frustrated, or overwhelmed or keep trying and trying at something and just can't do it. I break down.

Even if I am not overwhelmed or contiuously trying to do something. It can be something little, saying a speech in one of my college classes (and it is not the speaking in front of people that gets me started, it is the topic I am speaking on like animal abuse), or confronting a teacher about a grade I feel is wrong.

If I am going to be a cop, I NEED to learn to control my emotions. I can't be at a scene and bust out crying in front of someone I am arresting because they neglected their child or their dog.

I try to breath but then I still think about whats going on, when I try to think "don't cry" I start to cry, I need some tips on getting this under control.

I am not depressed or anything like that so I don't think that is it either.

I cry out of no where for no reason. PLEASE HELP a to-be officer with unusually sensitive emotions.


Colleen - posted on 09/15/2012




Its something that will come to you when you hit the street. Infact after you have been on for awhile you will react less emotionally even in your personal life.

We use laughter and sense of humor to deflect the things we see and have to handle.

Ive been on the job 14 years. I listen to my comedy cds while driving into work. Or music i can get lost into. Get yourself into the habit of talking to a buddy or someone so you dont get burned out quickly. This job is the best seat in the house to the most amazing show on earth. And also the most terrifying and nauseating.

What you are describing could just be jitters for starting the academy. You will graduate with a bunch of rookies too. And all the dinosaur cops you will work with were also rookies too.

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