Learning to deal with husband at work all the time

Dana - posted on 03/27/2009 ( 3 moms have responded )




My husband is a police officer and works night shift. He is always tired and crabby.


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My husband has worked just about every shift you can imagne! Right now it's 10 am- 10 pm! We have 3 children ages 9 months, almost 3, and 4 1/2. Im a SAHM and very tired! It is not only challaging with 3 kids all day but worring about what my DH is doing at work. He works in transports and it can get a little risky at times. I knoe this is not very encouraging but atleast you know your not alone!

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Hi Dana! I know exactly how you feel. My hubby has worked nights 10pm-7am for over 5 yrs now. We have 5 children ranging from 4yr to 11yrs old. It usually works out well that he works nights and I work days. He goes to sleep around 7:30am and gets up at 3pm to get the kids off the bus and starts dinner so when i get off and come home around 530-6pm, dinner is ready and only baths and homework is left. That's the good part..... the BAD part is that he is off weekends with us. Which means, he's dead tired on Saturday morning when the kids are waking up and ready to play. If i've said it once, i've said it a million times to him "we live normal DAYTIME lives. if you don't like it, work days and get on the same schedule that the rest of us are on!" So, he's not nearly as verbal about his aggitation as he used to be. Asking him to work days is like asking the Pope to be a Baptist! You have to put it in perspective for them. After all, they are still men. lol   ;)

Nicole - posted on 03/29/2009




Night shift is the WORST!! I'm a stay-at-home mom and my husband's shifts rotate every 14 weeks (he's not ranked high enough to secure a permanent shift yet). He does not switch his sleep/awake schedule on the days he has off when working the night shift, so I feel like we never see each other or get help with the kids (ages 4 and 1). He says that humans are not made to be nocturnal and no matter how much sleep he gets, he's still tired (and crabby, too!). I try to understand, and am thankful he doesn't work the night shift year round, but it is difficult. Thanks for sharing your struggles and I'm sorry I cannot help with any advice or anything.

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