Moms and the Death of a Child

For Moms who have lost a child. Whether stillborn, infant, toddler, child, teenager or older. A place to share your feelings/story and discover ways to deal with your loss. A place to feel love and support.


Our Story..Miss you son

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone on this site, who has lost a child; there is TRULY nothing worse I have ever experienced in 50 years. I lost my precious son Shaquille...


how do i cope

I lost my daughter Aleisha 3 weeks ago, she was 18 and the youngest of 4, she was not physically ill, she just went to sleep the night of my birthday and had passed in the...



This is a good thing one understands what its like to be a mother who has lost her child.Its a pain that never really goes away.


My daughter is dying

I haven't lost my daughter, but her time is coming all too soon. She has been fighting cancer for 2 years and it is now winning. We have been told that she will have another...


The anniversary of their deaths.

I dont know if you've read my other post, about the loss of my two sons, Spencer, and Noah. They passed away in a car accident. Today is the day I lost them, two years ago. It...


my son joshua

On the 23rd December 07 I was 37 weeks pregnant and I had Severe right sided pneumomia, my son Joshua was still born. I was in intensive care tor 2 weeks then in a ward for 2...