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Dree - posted on 03/01/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




I dont know where to start. I guess I'll start by telling you I'm a momma of 4. Kalynn Elizabeth is 11 yrs old. I gave her up for adoption at birth. I did open adoption though and still have some contact with her family. Britany, my stepdaughter, will be 17 this year. Timothy, my stepson, will be 15 this year. They are my light!!

My precious angel is Ryleigh Storm. I miss him so very much. I lost him before I even got to meet him. It still tears my heart to pieces thinking of him. I found out 06-08-05 I was carrying a baby boy. It didnt matter to me though...the name was going to be the same girl or boy! Later that night I started feeling 'funny'. My partner at the time called 911 cause I was spotting. (I hadnt spotted the entire pregnancy) They came and rushed me to the local ER. The dr on call met us at the ambulance bay. I was rushed inside where I started seeing all the supplies to deliever a baby. I instantly freaked out. Told them it was WAY to early...I was 5 1/2 mths. The nurse...I thank God for her...was up by my head telling me it was to late to stop it. In a matter of minutes I had lost my son.

They put Stillbirth on the certificate. But when the dr came and spoke to me he said it was miscarriage. I still to this day dont understand how that could be!! I never got to hold my precious baby. I never got to see him. I grieve everyday for him. I long to hold him in my arms. He would be turning 5 this year. Does that pain ever go away? Will the tears ever stop??

I want to try again. I desperatly want a baby. My partner and I both want a baby. She just had a hysterectomy her having one is out of the question. How do I get over the fear of losing again??


Bonnie-Lee - posted on 09/29/2010




my heart goes out to you dree, have some of a clue what your going threw but i only just lost my son not long so ago, my mother in laws friend lost her son a long time ago she said it nevert goes away but it does get better, i understand the hurt inside, i think everyday about my son but at the end of the day i know there is nothing i can do but wait till i pass to see him.... i know i don't cry all day long but i do think of him and then i just think of "when will i see him again" if you try and side track your thoughts you will be fine, change the sad into happiness, im sure you will feel better...... here is my story..............

On the 7th of April 2010 i gave birth to a big baby boy whom we named Dayn John Isaac August, Came into a loving family and a very young mum with a 18 month girl already (Lara Lynn August). I came from a family whom let babys do what they like to an extent, i let lara lay on her belly when she was a baby, Got told your not ment to but Lara loved it so i didn't really mind, i knew she was fine. I get told she has been raised really well, from me coming from a broken family and all. Lara listens to every word i say and knows if she don't she just goes to time out. i don't even have to say. I never really knew what sids were or what things can happen to children when they are still newborns but then it hit me.......

Hi my name is Bonnie-Lee im 19 years of age and i lost my son Dayn John Isaac August, on the 20th of June 2010 ( 4 days till my 19th) to an inner ear infection and maybe cancer can be a cause too still waiting but they know its SIDS.. i donated his brain to research. his spirt has moved on so wanted to help any other familys out there that may loss there children, hope it helps.... He was 7 weeks and 3 days old, most presious baby ever, went threw gastro at 3 weeks he caught it from his sister whom is 2 this saturday 2 of october, 2010. Lara Lynn loved her brother, helping me change his bum and bottle feeding him for me while i change, i pumped milk just so she could feed him. when he had a little "attention sook" Lara was the first to his side with a freshly pump bottle of milk, she misses him as mush as i do but she knows what is going on and i can't take the hurt away that she is feeling, Dayn has a wonderful family but im going threw ALOT. it don't help when my partner just puts his walls up when i try and speak about it. No idea if thats what men do but it don't help me out at all.

He will be 6 months soon and can't wait to see him again, I still have most of his things but will be donating it to the right people, I will also be buying Dayn Pressies on his birthday/Mothers day/easter/Fathers day and christmas, donating them to a different place every year. theres one thing i do know and thats his great nanna and puppa is looking after him,

Hi my name is Bonnie-Lee and that is my story!!!

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