Moms Helping Moms Lose Weight

I think losing weight can be fun if you do it with others.


Back in shape

SOOOO ready to get back in shape! I'm a single mom of a two year old and a 6 week old, im ready to get back in shape, summer is coming up and I know we are going to be outside A...


How can I get in shape?

Hi everyone my name is Claudia and I have been struggling with my weight ever since I had my two year old son. I got the depo shot for about a year before finding out it makes...


Can't lose the weight

My son is now 11 months old. During my pregnancy I gained over 75lbs! I can not lose the last 15lbs! I am so self conscious about what I wear and how I look. I cry at least once...


I am new

I am new in this group. I am 23 yrs old and have a 2 yr old son and stay home with him. I love it, but being home all day causes me to not be so active, so after 2 yrs of being...


Get your Sexy Back in just 45 min

Hi all. I just started selling these body wraps my sister got me into. They really work, so if your stuck trying to loose those last few inches or you just want to tighten and...


About myself!

hi. I'm 22 and have 2 daughters,4yrs and a 3m old. i joined this community hoping to find some tips and motivation to lose weight.



Okay it has been 4 1/2 weeks since I had my DD and I have only lost 20 lbs which happened within the first week postpartum. I gained 61 lbs throughout my pregnancy and was very...