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Well ladies we are starting month 3 with our weight loss. As Irene has stated in previous posts it's important to identify your goals from the large to the small. Last month some of us identified our February goals (which I pinned back at the top so you can reference them). Let's hear how you did with those goals and have you identify your goals for March. Keep in mind that you want to identify goals that aren't so out there that they are almost impossible to reach. To keep us/me motivated I have to set goals that I can obtain so that I feel like I am accomplishing things. So please update away...


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Alyson - posted on 03/09/2009




Quoting Irene: goal for the month of March is celebrate my 34th birthday. Yay! The my next goal is to get into the 170's. It would be great o be 175 pounds at the end of the month.

PS I will also be celebrating my 34th at the end of the month.  I plan on earning a piece of damn cake!

Alyson - posted on 03/09/2009




My goals for buy a tape measure and record the numbers. Its scary, but since the scale isn't moving I need some other measure of any success. I also will continue hitting the gym hard 5 days a week, but I think I'm going to swap a day of cardio for an extra session of weights - 3 days weights, 2 days cardio. One more thing, one salad a day. Good luck everyone!

Irene - posted on 03/04/2009




Sorry, I haven't been around. School and baby are keeping me a bit nutty. I also have a new website. goal for the month of March is celebrate my 34th birthday. Yay! The my next goal is to get into the 170's. It would be great o be 175 pounds at the end of the month.

Salma - posted on 03/04/2009





Have had a major hassle with my internet for the last three weeks and got majorly depressed around the anniversary of my sister's death - so I kind of lost the plot last month! But I still managed to lose 8lbs in total - so it wasn't too bad.

I'm back on track now and would like to lose at least 10-15lbs this month. I need to make the time to excercise at least 4 or 5 times a week as I've been struggling with that lately and I need to do it.

Well done to you all on your achievements so far..

Danielle - posted on 03/04/2009




Well, I just joined but I have been trying to lose baby weight since Jan. My overall goal is to fit back into a pair of shorts I have from when my husband and I were first dating (5 years ago). I weigh... well let's just keep that a bit of a secret. However, last month I lost 2 inches around my waist, almost 1 inch around each arm, and some from my chest. 

This month my new goal is to make it the gym at least 4 times a week, possibly 5 and to finally lose some inches off of my hips, which unfortunately didn't get any smaller at my last measurement session. Also, I would like to lose 5 solid pounds of sheer body fat.... 

Angel - posted on 03/04/2009




Well I just started this so my March goal is to be below 180lbs. currently I am 190. I plan to work out 2-3 times a week and have a diet low in sugar and fat. Sounds kinda bland but is necessary. I got used to the low sugar while preg. so it's not to bad. I just need to keep up with watching my carb intake.

Christina - posted on 03/03/2009




Well February was a hard month for me, but I did manage to workout at least four days a week and take my vitamins. My diet was good for the most part but I need to push myself a lot harder. My goals for March are to work out for at least an hour five days a week, take my vitamins everyday, drink more water and to drink less wine on the weekends with my friends. I hope to get down to 145 this month it is about 10 lbs but I know if I push I can do it! Thanks for he support!

Sonya - posted on 03/03/2009




My goal again this month is to lose 5lbs. I need to work hard on my portion sizes (aka, not letting my husband dish me up either!!!) I want to work out a minimum of 3x a week for mornings, and 5x a week in the afternoons. This month I will be making more long term goals, such as weight loss markers and rewards!!! At 200 lbs I will reward myself with some new clothes!!! Yesterday I made it to 239!! but 220 is always my hardest point. I want to start a journal this month for inspiration and to keep myself on track with eating habits and workouts.

I keep trying to talk my husband in to joining me, plus many others, so hopefully this month I can get at least one other person in my life on board with me!!! And also to tell my MIL to stop sending junk food here!!!! UGH. I think now that my hubby has seen that I am sticking to this and making progress he will join soon. My sister will be moving here soon also, and has lost 20lbs so far, so I told her we will need to keep it up together!!!! It's gonna be a long month i think! But I am looking forward to losing more pounds!!! Good luck Ladies!

Jamie - posted on 03/02/2009




My March goals are to break 230, continue working out 4-5 days a week, and to stay positive about my body.  I am 239 now, so to break the 230 mark would be a hugh deal for me.  I have been working out with my husband, who has really been pushing me hard, and I enjoy that feeling of accomplishment.  I also want to stick to my diet of eating less sugar, and not being afraid of the fat (healthy fat of course).  Oh and I need to get back to drinking more water!!

[deleted account]

I have two goals for this month.  (1)To lose 15 pounds and to keep it off.  (2)To work out atleast 2 or 3 days a week.

The month of February was not as good as I anticipated.  But I did start to get organized and find meals that I could put together that would help us lose weight.  My husband wants to lose some weight too.  I do need to find a cookie that he likes that does not have a lot of calories because that is his downfall.  He has to have cookies with his coffee and after each meal.  So I'm looking for a cookie recipe.  I need to find me a snack I can eat at night that is not high in calorie because I always get the munchies at night.  So far I have been eating raisin bran or grape nuts. 

So far the month of February I have worked up to 2 days a week.  I work out to the biggest loser on the cable channel and then do 10 minute ab and lower back workout one day.  The second day I have been walking about a mile.  I hope to work up to 3 days a week but I've been so sore and my knees start giving me problems so I'm not wanting to over do because it will just lead to being off my feet for about a week or two.  That would put quite a cramp in my exercising.

Long term goal:  I need to lose 75 pounds.  I want to play city league volleyball again.  I have to lose most of the weight to be able to do this or my knees will not take the abuse.  Too much weight on the knees make it worse than it is with normal weight.



[deleted account]

Alright for Feb my goals were to get down and stay below 178, to be healthy during a weekend away, to get to a size 14 and to workout at least 2-3 times a week. Well I can honestly say that I did VERY well with my goals!!!! Yeah me!!! I am now down to 174.5, I worked out while on our weekend away and did eat pretty much according to my new lifestyle. When I didn't have a choice for the reception meal I made sure that I spent more time on the dance floor than I initially wanted to. I am in a pant size 12 for the most part (though it depends on the maker as every 12 is a bit different), and I am typically working out 6 days a week. The only times I've missed working out is when my son is sick and there is no one to watch him so I can get to the gym when it's still open, or when my work schedule has been altered and I don't have time to myself after work because I have to get the kids while my husband is out.

So my goals for March - first and foremost as I told my husband - I want to get to 165 which is where he is at. This may take a bit more doing on my part as I believe the last time (5 years ago) that I went on a diet I plateaued right around the high 160s so getting to 165 may be a push. Second I want to be in a solid pant size 12 if not a 10 and be able to wear the pants I bought 5 years ago when I lost weight. Third, I want to continue working out 6 times a week and for the times that I am on the treadmill I want to continuously increase the speed and the incline (last speed was 4.0 and incline was a 5). I think that's good for this month. I'll see how I do.

In the long run if I can get down to a size 6/8 I plan on going to NY to meet up with Irene and go on a shopping spree as I don't think I've EVER been in a size 6/8.

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