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Tah - posted on 09/03/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




what have you done because you just needed a few minutes, or the kids where driving you wild, or you were just over it??

Have you ever wished you had waited on being a mom??.wanted to just run out the house and breath for a few??..what have you done or felt that you keep to yourself??


Stifler's - posted on 09/03/2011




EVERYTHING I do is because the kids drive me wild. I take them to the park and shopping and to visit people to shut them up.

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Oh as for waiting, no I'm glad I had them when I did at the age I did, I just wish I had been more productive prior and had my schooling done on time.

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With aiden um I don't know recently its here watch a show and give me a minute or go ask daddy, thats like a temporary thing though like when I just need a minute. Somedays its much more frustrating and I'm on my last nerve, when in doubt go to your room its safe you've got toys I will come get you when you can come back down. I think nick's is worse, he'll tell aiden look aiden a bug a bug, or omg did you see that dinosaur it ran over there, or oh look puppy go get it, and poor aiden will hop along off to his room or to the toy bin or to the sandbox and look until he finds whatever he was told was there. If he finds nothing he keeps looking until either I intervene or nick feels bad and tells him it must have run off oh well all gone. I know he only does it when he's on the brink of insanity or aiden's climbing has physically hurt him but theres just something heartbreaking about him looking for a dinosaur in the toybox and being so let down when it gets away :( all the while we know there is no damn dinosaur they went extinct how long ago, and aiden's last dino toy was lost in the doctors office a while back.

With beth I put her down under her baby mirror and she talks to herself, used the swing till it ran out of batteries and in a pinch hand her to daddy so I can get my wits about me, if shes in a tizzy nothing really works so all I really have a chance to do is give my head a shake and pick her back up.

Merry - posted on 09/03/2011




When Fierna was little and my ppd was unmedicated and her reflux was unmedicated and our days were spent crying and screaming I had tons and tons of awful thoughts. I remember wishing I could send her back, asking god why did he give me this awful baby, thinking about if someone would adopt eher so we could get a decent baby next time. It was bad. And not 'me' but still awful.
When I'm really stressed or mad or frustrated I'll put the baby/kid down and go kick the wall or hit the bed or bite something :)
I try not to yell since that only scares the kids and makes them scream louder.
I did think we made a mistake in getting pregnant the second time I thought it was too soon I felt I wrecked erics life. But now only three months later I'm so happy and really loving the two kids and I am so glad we had THiS baby. I wouldn't change her for any baby ever! And I love the age gap now, it was a tough adjustment but I think it was SO worth it and I think erics better off for it happening when it did.

♏*PHOENIX*♏ - posted on 09/03/2011




I have thought about what my life would be like with no kids, but then I cant imagine where my life would be, where I would be right could be bad or good….and that unknown path makes me snap back to the present.

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