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For Mothers of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder to give support and share information with one another.



ok, i am a mummy of a 4 year old gorgeous boy with autism. now as well are all aware they have there good days and there bad days. but i want to know is how everybody else copes...


22 month old. Suspected ASD

Hello. My oldest son is 22 months. He has already been determined to have a speech delay, and sees a speech therapist along with an OT. I did the M-CHAT for him, and his score...


Autism query

My sisters son was diagnosed with Autism. My daughter has just turned one and I'm worried about the possibilty of her getting it and the MMR injection that's soon due. My...


Is It A Sign Of Autism

I started providing child care for this little girl. Her parents told me she is three, but not speaking yet. Her parents told me she is real difficult to deal with and its...


Please help with adise

Hi. I am new to this site and also an extremely nervous mom. My son was evaluated by early intervention and scored low. Looking at the autism red flags I noticed he has many of...


really confused.

My son is 16 months old. He is a very affectionate child, smiles when smiled at, claps his hands, decent eye contact (when he isn't distracted by something that sparks his...