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cradle cap!

is olive oil sheen spray ok for my 2 months head. its so dry after being washed and flaking


How to soothe a restless baby?

So, my son is 3 months. He has started sleeping about 5-6 hours. He gets a solid few hours of good sleep and then wakes up to eat, I feed him and try to put him back down....


Not rollign over?

my daughter is 6 montsh old she wil be 7 months old on june 2nd. and she is not rollign over yet.. she rolls to her side.. she had just started that.. shes sitting up by her...


6 month old not rolling over?

My 6 montsh old daughter isnt rolling over yet.. we put her on her belly... But she doesnt liek it she screams bloody murder, is this normal? what age do they u sually roll over...



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