Moms of babies born with club foot

For moms who have a baby or are expecting a baby born with clubfoot.


New to dealing with clubfeet

Hi my name is Kendra I have 2 daughter and Kacie is the oldest and Abigail is 2months old she was born with both feet club a very bad case of club feet she started casting at 2...


pain in older child

my 8 year old was born with clubfoot in her left foot she went through the casting,boots/bars,afos,and 3 surgeries.She also has hypermobility syndrome and is showing alot of...


Different shoe sizes????

My son was immediately put into a cast, at 1 week old. He moved to a brace at 4months old. When he started to get ready to walk, we noticed that his feet were two different...


4yr old relapsing??

my four year old seems to be relapsing. he has his 1st cast (bilateral clubfoot btw) at a week old, and we went to shriners every single week (in ky, we live in tn, so about...


Boots and Bars

Hi everyone. I'm new to this but needed some advice so hopefully someone somewhere can help. My baby girl was born with Club Foot in both feet. Went through the weekly casts the...