Mom's of babies fed thru a feeding tube

We are that group of mom's that nobody else understand....Our babies eat very little or not at all by mouth...I am starting this community because I know there is lack of support for Mom's like me.


g tube!

my daughter is six months and has to have continuous feeds over night due to the "dumping syndrome", hard at first but im happy that i can feed her orally during the day


ng tube weaning

Hi! I have a 7 month old that has had a ng tube since birth because of a heart condition and at 1 month he also had NEC (an infection in his intestines). He has had 2 open heart...


weight loss

hello, my daughter has been tube fed since 3months old solely because of a Large PDA which was repaired back in June. she is now taking 20ounces of homo milk a day and once she...


Tips for Halloween?

Our son turned 3 in June. He has a global developmental delay of about 1 year (average of all faculties). He can only take puree by mouth for his solids and all liquids must...


any suggestions?

my daughter was born at 34 weeks emergency c section as my placenta had stopped supplying her, she was eating perfect untill she was 2 months and diagnosed with failure to...